5 Natural Energy Boosters at work

We are living in times when the big rave is an energy drink or to guzzle down a gallon of coffee, I have found myself guilty of at least one to make it through what may feel like the longest day ever.

But determined to motivate myself into reducing the consumption of caffeine, I did some research and found some scary results a study published in the Journal of American College Health stated that teens consuming high amounts of caffeine are more likely to take dangerous risks, that may result in injury or legal troubles another study by Dr. Georgina Trapp of the National Health and Medical Research Council in Australia claims that in a significant amount of people caffeine from energy drinks cause them to be shaky and anxious, which could interfere with the performance of normal daily task or cause emotional issues.

During this process I have tried a thing or two but these are my top 5 ways to boost my energy levels without the unnecessary chemicals.

Hit the Gym at noon – I am not a morning person and attend evening university so the only time available is mid day, since starting this routine I find that I am less tired during the afternoon period and my productivity levels have drastically increase.

Drink Lemon Water – This gives me energy and changes my somewhat of a depressed afternoon mood, all I do is squeeze 2 drops into a glass of water and like magic I feel better, all the fatigue is gone. Dr. Oz stated that lemon water provides the body with energy when it enters your digestive tract, and helps to reduce anxiety and depression.


Take in some fresh air – I am fortunate to have a window seat at work, so from time to time I stick my nose out for 5 minutes, the freshness and sunlight helps to boost my alertness.

Turn up the temperature – I cannot deal with a cold room, it makes me feel sick yes literally sick, my body goes into sleep mode, so I adjust the temperature and this helps me to refocus.

Stretch at my desk – For us hardworking girls that sit all day at our desk trying our best to get the work done, sometimes it could become extremely difficult to fight off the midday crash,  don’t worry help is on the way, try something that would instantly spike up your energy, yoga stretches is an easy option, simply sit up straight and stretch my arms up as to touch the ceiling or stand and walk from one end of the room to another. Studies suggest that this could fight depression and anxiety. The US Department of Health and Human Services state that the best thing you can do for you neck and back is to stretch at your desk.

O boy and the big great bonus is to sip a cup of tea, this always get me alert, American Dietetic Association claims that tea is a great alternative to coffee drinking and that studies have found some tea may help with cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Now tell me your tips in the comment below.


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Happy Mother’s Day

To all the mothers around the globe:

So its relaxation Sunday, and you know what we to do on Sundays, reflect and just go with the flow. Today I am going to mediate for 30 minutes, then we are out to brunch, catch up on my favourite show of all time Big Bang Theory. I always aim to get in my bed by 7 ish, we will see if I make it today, anyway the point is to develop a routine that make you feel all rejuvenate on Monday, only you can determine the right way, unfortunately life does not have a one fit all option, what ever you choose to do it does not have to be something big, just be happy.

Let me know what your Sunday is like, I want to know.

The key to this hectic life is to find the balance that makes you happy:-


Relaxation Sunday

Hey folks hope you enjoy Sunday just as much as me. Its a time to reflect, relax, prepare and plan for the week ahead.

You know what they say about planners, its not the plan that’s important but the process of planning. I love to plan everything to detail, so much that I am sometimes referred to as a control freak, I disagree but it might just be true. Anyway don’t intend to burden you with any long, post.

Today I am introducing my new series “Relaxation Sundays”, I will post something motivational with a bit of ease to read, from this Sunday until the end of time.

I need to get on with it quickly since I am also preparing to go to the beach this afternoon.


Thanks for spending part of your day with me, hoping you a restful evening and enjoy this little quote.

” it is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change”
Charles Darwin

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