Thanks for spending part of your day with me.

Let’s take a step back so I can give you a realistic picture of how this all started, during my undergraduate years in the United Kingdom, studying International Management, an in-dept interest in the environment grew within me, mostly because of their well functioning solid waste management structure.

I then began to think, rethink, went back and forth trying to convince myself, that I can make some kind of difference, in Trinidad and Tobago, by encouraging some kind of recycling,  well you get the point I eventually did convince myself, since I am now presenting to you Environ Solutions a blog that aspires to inspire long-term sustainable change through education and awareness in Trinidad and Tobago.

Why is this important well the environment can cause a number of health affects on humans and our well-being.

You see that is just the generic part of the story my turning point began while in the United Kingdom, but my wake up call came while traveling in a public transportation bus from Sangre Grande to Port of Spain what I saw was very disturbing, an amount of what I would say 1,000 plastic bottles floating in a nearly constructed box drain. Right there and then I just knew that if there was ever a group of people in the Caribbean, like minded, well meaningful people with the capacity, resources and will power to reduce waste in our little corner of the world, I would be one of them. 

In this vast world called blog-sphere I don’t want to be different I just want to encourage sustainable practices, and as a Post Graduate Environmental Science and Management Student  at the University of Trinidad and Tobago my only aim is to send a strong environmental message about the effects of mankind on the environment and how we can all help to reduce our impact, my specialty includes climate change, recycling, renewable energy, pollution, and habitats such as ecosystems, mangroves and rain-forests.

I now encourage you to follow me on this journey as I endeavors to establish a healthier environment by inspiring sustainable change.

**** if you borrow any content, please link back to Environ Solutions! (environsolutions.wordpress.com). All content are the property of Environ Solutions unless otherwise referenced / stated.

For interviews or sponsorship email: environsolutions@outlook.com


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