Are you trying to cut off that unhealthy food craving? Do you constantly have a longing for something sweet? Do you grab a bar of chocolate to boost your low energy afternoons? If your answer is yes to any one, you are not alone in these cravings. So how can you fight off these overwhelming urges without going into starvation mode scroll down to explore 5 tricks to winning the war on unhealthy cravings.

Cravings 3

Even the most health conscious people still have to develop strategies to cope with the carvings as they come around. Ask yourself how often during the day do you have that overcoming desire to consume a candy bar or cheeseburger? or better ask anyone your husband or co-worker what foods they desire frequently and without a hesitation they will rattle off more than one unhealthy choices.  To avoid these mindless eating habits you must first determine what causes your cravings and then develop unique strategies based on your needs and desires.

Cravings are frequently associated with and resulting from emotions and that time of the month but that is not necessarily true, the truth is cravings are weaknesses and your body’s way of telling you something. This is usually a lack of key nutrients needed by the body to function properly, Mind Body Green states that your body is extremely sensitive and if you are not consuming enough of the right things, your body will signal you to consume foods high in fat and calories because it perceives that there is shortage of food. So here are the five tips:

1.    Eat a Balance Diet 

Starving yourself of foods that contain nutrients the body needs can cause you to crave unhealthy foods and drinks. Even though junk food taste good they are very low in nutritional value and would just leave you craving more sugar and salt. To ensure all your meals are balanced, incorporate into your lifestyle a meal prep regime, Eat and Exercise By Amber has a brilliant guide you can follow, updates, weekly tip and tricks to eating healthy.  Remember the moment on your lips results in forever on your hips.

2.     Eat every 3-4 hours 

Our cravings are highest when our blood sugar levels are extremely low caused as a result of stress or hunger, our bodies send signals to the brain requesting an emergency source of energy to boost blood levels and get the body out of a rut, causing the body to crave candy and chocolate.  Clinical psychologist and author of Eat. Q. Susan Albers states that there are different levels of hunger, leading us to make bad food choices, which results in us choosing junk that gives us fatigue, sugar spikes, brain fog, weight gain and other health issues.

Cravings complete 1

3.     Get rid of temptation 

Do not purchase junk food when you go grocery shopping, yes I know easier said than done, but think about it most of us crave junk foods when we are either emotional or stressed if there is no chocolate, soda or chips in the pantry then we would seek an alternative, that just might be healthier than a candy bar, learn to trick your body. Remember chocolate is a pleasure food but there are healthy alternatives like fresh fruit, raisins and nuts according to Healthy Secrets.

4.     Stop snacking 

The idea is to help your body to burn fat this would help you feel better and reduce unnecessary cravings, also helping  you to have constant energy flow and not sudden burst by unstable blood sugar levels. When we snack we lose the ability to make energy last and the ability to enjoy our meals leaving us unfulfilled. My mother always told me do not snack before meals because you will ruin it. Muscle and Fitness claims that the key is choosing the right foods in the right amounts would keep our metabolism revved up causing us to reduce cravings and burn fat.

5.     Indulge yourself

The trick to indulging is to only have one serving at a time do not purchase a family size, just have enough to get rid of the cravings, which is usually one serving if you are unsure consult the nutrition facts at the back of the label.

Everything has gotten bigger and bigger starts to seem like the norm, misleading how and what we think are the serving size or right amount.  Food makes us feel safe and secure, but food should not  be therapy.

Permanently eradicating cravings may seem far-fetch but it is possible, remember no two people are exactly the same and what may work for one may not for the other the point is to get a plan, it may take some trial and error before you stumble upon the one that is just right for your lifestyle and overall health and well-being.

You are stronger than your cravings. 


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