Companion Gardening

You guys know I have been getting into gardening, well I am a huge fan of pepper, so  I thought that it would be a wonderful project to include a couple of other vegetables and or fruits in a little companion planting project.

Companion planting is considered the close planting of a diverse mix of plants that would enhance each other’s growth and protection. The benefits of a companion planting includes pest control through the encouragement of beneficial insects and parasites, efficient use of garden space, beneficial to soil and ecosystem, provides shade or wind barrier and beautifies your garden.

The vegetables you eventually choose must be selected after thorough research since incorporating the wrong species can lead to problems that can cause your plant to suffer for example cucumber can be planted with tomatoes but potatoes must be kept away since they are extremely toxic to cucumbers Mother Earth News have very in-dept list you can consult.

After careful consideration I have narrowed down the list of fruits and vegetables based on my hot climate that I would plant in my companion garden, to these five (5).


Source: Modern Survival Blog – Companion Garden 

Peppers – Particular great at preventing root rot and other fusarium diseases. While tomatoes  and cucumber provide great protection, since peppers need a lot of shelter from the sun to keep them from drying out and provide more humidity.  Pepper teas are also a very effective insect spray.

Lettuce–  great to harvest in a small spaces, because of its lower growth habit, while also crowding out weeds.

Tomatoes- offer shade for the soil, and offer the smaller plants protection during the hottest parts of the day, it is advised by Tree Huggers against planting pepper with tomatoes in the same bed every year right after each other but they can definitely be grown together in the same garden bed.

Chive- improves the growth and flavor of tomatoes, and help to keep aphids, Japanese beetles and rust fly away from them and the other plants in the garden. They are also used in cucumber planting to prevent downy and powdery mildews.

Cucumber-  This vegetable like warmth, rich soil and plenty of moisture, it is said that cucumbers don’t do well planted next to tomatoes, but research showed that this is quite inconclusive since a number of top gardeners recommend planting these two in the same garden for good results.

According to Organic Authority plants have a social life they are a web of life extremely complex and not the solution to gardening problems but instead companion planting is the act of effective preventative measures.


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