Glass Recycling – Clever DIY Ways

I feel super embarrassed when I take my garbage out and all you can hear are the sounds of glass bottles knocking against each other. Somehow I judge myself, wondering what my neighbors are thinking, that I have been drinking all weekend. Well I have a clever solution for this embarrassing feeling.

Yes you guessed it recycle my glass waste, I have now made a pledge to say to to waste. Let’s state some facts courtesy Glass Packaging Institute – glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled infinitely without losing quality or strength, 80% of recovered glass packaging are made into new glass bottles, recycling glass has great environmental payoffs. It saves raw materials and its consumption, lessens demand for energy and cuts CO2 emissions see more here.

These are just a few of the ways you can recycle your old glass bottles at home:-

1.     Use your old wine bottles as a vase – some people cut the top using a bottle cutter purchase hereyou will have all you need to get the job done or you can use a special jig DIY instructions here when using the jig you would need to heat the bottle up and cool down until it breaks apart, following which you sand down the edges with a Dremel. That’s a bit too much work for me so I prefer to clean my old wine bottles, fill it half with water and stick my favorite flower into, this usually decorates my room beautifully for about 3-4 days.

2.      Pen holders, bathroom toothbrush or makeup holder – just attended a conference and on the display was these lovely makeup holders, made from beer bottles not sharp edges nothing. Apparently, the designer told me that all she did was cut the wine or beer bottle in half or based on here desired design requirements, using an old fashion kit found on eBay similar here, then sand blast to smooth the edges, this is particularly important since glass would cut you horribly bad. You could even have some letters and shapes applied on the outside, to identify the purpose.

Recycle toothbrush holder 


3.     Gratitude / Blessing Jar – this is my most favorite I spotted this while browsing Karen Civil’s Instagram account when I saw she had a gratitude jar here, I started and encouraged my friends and sisters to come along for the journey. Karen Civil’s jar cost $15.00 but I made one for free, all you need is a old jam jar, thoroughly clean, pieces of paper, pen and you have a gratitude jar, the idea is to fill it with all the good things that happens in your life, like an accomplishment, enjoyable moments etc. then on December 31st you open the jar and reveal the wonderful year you had.

4.      Glass Dispenser – screw on plastic dispenser from Trader Joe’s here or you can recycle the dispensers from shampoo, conditioner or lotion bottles, just screw on top any glass bottles a bit of trial and error, may ensue before you can find the right fit and then you have a unique DIY soap or lotion dispenser for parties, events or even to use around your home.

This is a quite soap dispenser made from a Coke bottle


Candle Holder – this is the easiest one of them all you would need is a glass bottle with a long neck, a candle just stick a candle into the bottle neck, light the candle and you have your self a candle holder for your dinners and special events. I use them for the occurrence of a power outage.

Glass recycling is both simple and beneficial, instead of sending our glass to landfills, that can take up to a million years to break down we can use cleaver way to reduce waste and use around our home, while being environmentally sustainable.

On Board with the Environment. 


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