Five effective ways to reduce plastic around you

To all of us plastic bags seem like the only mode of transporting things or as I like to call it (in my local Trinidad accent) “things”, from one location to another mostly because of its super utility function, but do we stop for a moment (I know I sometimes don’t, I’m being honest) to think about how damaging plastic is to the environment if disposed of inappropriately. Plastic is trans-boundary in nature, hence it does not only impact the environment at source but the entire planet.

Turtle consuming a piece of plastic 


Fact: Thousands of marine animals especially turtles die from consuming plastic every year. Humans as usual inappropriately dispose of plastic waste any and everywhere and for some reason refuses to clean up after themselves, this is frequently done at the beaches. Now marine animals cannot differentiate between a piece of plastic and a jelly fish, also plastic takes a significant number of years to decompose this lingering effect causes land pollution.  It is also worth noting that only half of all plastic waste floats.

The rapidly increasing demand for the production of plastic products comes from every corner and aspect of modern societies, so how exactly can we stop the overall demand  for plastic, hereunder I would explore five options I have implemented and  utilize in my daily living and you can too.

1.   Only use recycle able bags when shopping, these at usually fabric bags available at most retailers although it may cost a buck more than the free plastic bags we love so much, you would get a fair amount of use for months and years to come. A point worth noting is that no amount of money is not saving our planet.

Reusable fabric bag


2.    Plastic is a grand aspect of our so call modern fast pace, driven society but by making a conscious decision to only use a metal bottle at school, work let’s just say every where you go can really reduce plastic waste. Think about it like this on average a human consumes 8-10 glades of water, right, which approximates to five 20oz bottles of water, do the maths so one person would use and dispose of one hundred and fifty 20oz bottles for the month. Personally I only use glass bottles to drink water, I would usually fill up at the water cooler.

Water bottles 


3.   Recycle glass bottles by using them for storage at home and taking lunch to work. Rethink, reconsider and reuse make an effort to say no to single use plastic.

4.    As much as possible eat in at restaurants, by doing this you would  drastically reduce the packaging need to store your takeout food. Also styophone is the primary form of packaging foods at restaurants which is very bad for your health, especially when hot food are stored on them. Yes we understand that plastic is cheap and efficient, but its extremely harmful to the marine environment, this is worth continuously noting.

5.    Although plastic is light weight it does not compress, which result in it taking up a lot of space, try and purchase only large items or the refillable items, even it may seek impossible to stop using plastic, at least we can reduce its use.

Customer refilling a shampoo bottle 


Plastic has a big social cost attached to it but do you realize we the consumers are paying that bill year after year. The point is to make a product with as little product as possible. Clean environment depends on us, so let’s consume wisely please reduce and recycle.


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