Water Preservation

Conserve Water 

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While some could boost business as usual other may not be as fortunate and experience the everyday adverse effect of climate change, that’s bringing about unprecedented drought in many countries around the world.

As we are all aware water is life and without it no, well I mean no one or nothing can survive. Hence it is critical for the survival of life on planet Earth, water preservation is the next major global target for corporations, governments and all other interested parties in order to develop and manage system wide solutions for sustainable water resource management allowing us to measure, access and reduce water usage impacts in humans and the environment.  Especially with the continued growth in world population (a great benefit of modern medicines), pollution and climate change the demand  of accessible water will continue to increase. Now the problem associated with pollution and climate change is that these two environmental constraint are posing difficulty in ensuring that a safe supply of water to the population around the world that need it the most, this is especially true in underdeveloped countries, and while some parts of this planet experience increase and frequent flooding other parts experience severe droughts.

Water is Life 

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Hence the urgency by world leaders to begin the process of conservation and preservation of our precious water resources, United Nations, 2015 claims that 900 million people lack the accessibility to safe water and 2.7 billion lack access to basic sanitation. The California, Guyana and Afghanistan drought brought a world wide concern of the gap between the sate water use and availability of the water supply, presently threatening the health of people, ecosystems, degrading in quality and increasing in cost of treatment. Campaign Central, 2009 states that half of the world’s wetlands and underground water supply have been lost to development , what does this mean to everyday life, well let’s discuss.

Wetland fish, water fowl, reptiles, amphibians and wildlife populations are extremely vulnerable to dramatic and unpredictable environmental changes and the deterioration of wetlands, which will result in  loss in coastal vegetation, that leads to storm surge, flooding and wave attack because of reduction in flow resistance.

  • Tide will increase in speed  and action between high and low water levels as well as range;
  • Increase in height of storm surge;
  • Rapid transport of river flood waters;
  • Increase export of sediments filling flow channels.

Water exist every where in the world, and there are a narrow number of people that truly understand the importance of groundwater to modern life, now please understand that all natural resources are important but the emphasis place on the importance of ground water is due to the fact that its invisible and makes up 96% of the world’s drinking water. Ground water is considered to be the water found in underground cracks and spaces in soil, sand and rocks and the depletion, on the other hand is known as a long-term water-level declines caused by unsustainable groundwater pumping.

Ground water in east Godavari

Source: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/131220/news-current-affairs/article/ground-water-levels-rise-east-godavari

Ground water is a major supply of drinking water for almost all of the world’s rural population and provides approximately 50 billion gallons per day for agricultural purposes, and in the absence of ground water we will experience dry wells, streams and lakes, deterioration of water quality, increasing pumping cost and land subsidence, threatening human health and the ecosystem. Statistics show that over 800 million people around the world still do not have access to clean water, with thousands perishing because of this while the one with easy access waste gallons daily.

The most successful solution in my point of view is to get everyone involve, small adjustments can have a huge impact, a cooperation between businesses, governments and overall society  seeking to address a range of factors and provide a pathway to reduce risk and achieve sustainable water management strategies to identify and evaluate opportunities and reduce risk is the only sustainable way.


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