Solar Powered Mobile Charging Station



With the recent launch of Blink/Bmobile four (4) solar-powered mobile charging station across Trinidad and Tobago. I felt it was fitting to give you the scope, (thank me later) about it and the benefits of this innovative, highly technological and environmentally friendly type of battery charging. Not to mention they are conveniently located and completely free.


Solar charging station in New York City


These are solar powered mobile charging station intended for those emergency moments when you need to make that call but your mobile battery is flat, operating 24 hours a day which charges your device through sun fueled battery producing up to 10 watts located in high pedestrian traffic area in Breakfast Shed and Movie Towne in Port of Spain, Board Walk in Chaguaramas and University of the West Indies St. Augustine Campus.

This is a great initiatives since solar energy and renewable source of battery charging do not require electrical sources and with the abundance of sun in Trinidad and Tobago we have no problem. There are also a number of added benefits such as no emission, waste or by product since this form of energy power is produced by the transfer of energy from photon to electron that free the electron and allow it to flow. Remember that electricity itself is not a form of energy, but an energy carrier.


Solar powered charging station in Israeli designed by Design Students


It is worth continuously noting that solar power is a great option from an environmental conscious standpoint the United States in 2008 reported that almost half of the electricity generated came from the burning of coal and while coal is cheap and easy to generate electricity it is a major source of pollutants that pose a number negative impacts to the environment and human life.

The major drawback is that bad weather and heavy cloud cover will have an impact on how the charging station works and is considered much slower than traditional electric outlets.



Regardless of this fact smart phones are an integral part of our modern lives, in which we cannot survive without plugging into a charger throughout the day and if you should ever find yourself trapped with a drained battery at any of the four locations of Blink/Bmobile’s solar powered charging station you will surely conclude that solar battery charger is a great innovation, since a dying phone is very distressing.


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