Government of Trinidad and Tobago partners with Ansa Automotive to train CNG mechanics


As a citizen of this twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, it gives me great pleasure that the government is making steady strides to protect our precious environment one active way is the announcement of the Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills Training recently to provide up to date, demand driven and industry relevant training based on its strategic direction through the National Energy Skill Center (NESC) one of the leaders in Automotive Services and Heavy Equipment Technician training in Trinidad and Tobago to date its curriculum to include modules related to CNG system maintenance and repairs supported by Ansa Automotive who will provide the practical aspect on the new CNG modules.

This agreement was signed on 20th March, 2015 at the NESC Woodford Lodge Campus by Ansa Automotive through its letter of intent with NESC to:

• The donation of a CNG fueled Vehicle to the NESC for training purposes (the NESC will shortly launch its exclusive CNG Technicians Programme in collaboration with NGC, at the Woodford Lodge Campus)

• The sharing of industry insights and information from ANSA’s technical experts to the students and instructors of NESC’s Autotronics and Automotive Services Technician Programmes

• The continued availability of NESC’s facilities at the Woodford Lodge Campus for ANSA Automotive’s training sessions for its Sales and Technical Staff.


Now some may ask what is the hype and excitement about this, well let me take a deep breath and explain, this is a forward approach to environmental sustainability not just in Trinidad and Tobago but the entire Caribbean since CNG is a type of vehicular fuel that is cleaner because it leaves no by-product from combustion, its greener as it reduces harmful CO2 emission by 35% and its safer based on international standards.

This approach will create jobs for young national who’s desires are to specialize in this field especially in companies such as Public Transport Service Corporation who have recently brought 35 CNG only buses with ambitious plans to have 17,500 vehicles using CNG including both conversion and new CNG only and bi-fuel, I for one have notice an increase presence of the CNG buses, across Trinidad and Tobago. Ansa Automotive have also recently introduced their Honda City CNG bi-fuel and Sterling Motors an executive CNG bi-fuel vehicle Mercedes Benz.

Now other than being environmentally friendly, cleaner and safer CNG is also much cheaper than any other type of fuel in Trinidad and Tobago CNG is $1, Premium $5.75, Super Gasoline $2.70 and Diesel $1.50 all per liter, it requires less maintenance since it does not leave contaminate on spark plugs and engine oil and have a huge incentive of no motor vehicle tax. The use of CNG should represent to citizens the opportunity to save money while reducing carbon footprints and taking an active role in curbing global warming.


In Trinidad and Tobago we currently have 13 CNG stations nationwide to be expanded by NGC to 30 in the near future. Although CNG seem to be a new phenomena in Trinidad and Tobago this alternative fuel choice has been around world-wide for many many years now and i am very elated that we are actively making advancement as a country, with the government leading the path as they expand and upgrade CNG facilities, while training mechanics to service vehicles. NGC seem to be working tirelessly to ensure the introduction of new supply and provide mechanisms to ensure the ease in conversion for consumers as they partner with fuel retailers National Petroleum and Unipet to ensure a safer and abundant supply to all CNG stations.


Trinidad and Tobago Sunday guardian March 29th, 2015


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