California imposes water restrictions


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Jerry Brown Governor of California, have ordered officials of the state to impose mandatory water restrictions due to a serious drought problem.


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Now we as humans must understand that a drought is a serious threat of nature, commonly referred to as a “creeping phenomenon” with its overall impact varying from state to state.

Drought can therefore be difficult for people to understand. It is equally difficult to define, based on the uniqueness of a local environment. But in the most general sense, drought originates from a deficiency of precipitation over an extended period of time usually a season or more resulting in a water shortage for some activity, group, or environmental sector. Its impacts result from the interplay between the natural event (less precipitation than expected) and the demand people place on water supply, and human activities can exacerbate the impacts of drought. Because drought cannot be viewed solely as a physical phenomenon.


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A drought is a prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall leading to a shortage of water.

Brown demanded a 25% cut of water usage in cities and towns with state water boards to develop and implement measures to achieve this. At a news conference in Nevada Brown stated that the historical drought California presently experience calls for  unprecedented actions and “we have to pull together and save water in every way we can”.

Measures to be implemented includes replacing 50 million square feet of lawns with drought tolerant landscaping and a rebate program for consumers replacing old water suck appliance for more environmental friendly one. Also campuses, golf courses, cemeteries and large landscapes will be required to cut water use.


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The reality facing the state of California like many other cities around the world is the rapid declining water supply to meet the demands of consumers. In March, 2015 reports revealed that measurements taken by electronic devices statewide snow water equivalent was 19% of the historical average.

Although the results of the occurrence of a droughts may vary the affect remain constant health problems for all living things, loss of human life, reduce income, increasing food prices because of shortage, poor soil quality and loss of wetlands, increase forest fires, lack of food and drinking water, loss of fish and wildlife, and spread of diseases.

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