Financial lifeline for Plastikeep Recovery Project

Posted by – Nazina Belle


The Ministry of Environment and Water Resources have given Plastikeep Recovery Project a six-month financial lifeline. The funds is to be provided from the Green Fund which is government-mandated levies on all businesses in Trinidad and Tobago and will be used to support the phase three (3) waste recycling recovery project for a  period of six (6) beginning in April.


This is pending the government of Trinidad and Tobago establishment of a Waste Recycling management Authority, which would facilitate Plastikeep’s transition into a large waste recovery and recycling programme to be instituted by the Environmental Management Authority (EMA), an Authority created in 1996 to provide a comprehensive and integrated framework for protecting, conserving and enhancing the environment of Trinidad and Tobago.

Environmental Management Authority responsibilities to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago includes:

Building four core units essential to the delivery of the national programme:

1. Building four core units essential to the delivery of the national programme

  • Pollution Prevention and Control Services
  • Conservation and Planning Services
  • Legal and Enforcement Services
  • Information and Communication Services

2. Working with Participating Agencies

3. Working with Stakeholders

4. Working with Regional and International Organisations

5. Reaching Out to the Public

6. Working to Protect, Enhance and Conserve the Environment


Following the announcement in March, the Ministry of the Environment and Water resources officials, Green fund Executing Unit, Greenlight Network / Plastikeep and the Environment Management Authority held a meeting at GLN/Plastikeep headoffice in Maraval to dicusss the way forward and present recommendations with reference to the roles of GLN/Plastikeep and EMA in recycling solid waste recovery and disposal, where the Project Director of Greenlight Network Board (GLN) / Plastikeep Rosanna Farmer expressed her satisfaction that the government had decided to fund their organization for an additional period of six (6), as the company seeks to maintain all its core services to stakeholders while developing a strategic partnership with the EMA and Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources.

Dr. Allan Bachan Chairman of EMA also expressed a great sense of pleasure in the decision by the government and stated that he anticipates that the introduction of a National Recycling Programme will provide a coordinated approach to addressing the nation’s recycling needs. He further stated that this will alleviate the existing burden on landfills and revolutionize citizen’s approach to waste disposal as this arrangement would provide a efficient and cost effective implementation of an integrated system for recycling material such as waste tyres, construction, plastic, glass, paper, metal, electronic waste.


This opportunity towards ensuring our sustainability as a small island must not slip through our hands, since the benefits of a proper working waste disposal and recycling strategy can benefit citizens and the environment in a number of significant ways. My only concern with all of this development as wonderful as it may seem, how can they be held accountable and ensure sustainable manufacturing in the long-term.


Daily Express – Trinidad and Tobago – Thursday 2nd April, 2015

TT Online, 2015. Continuation of Greenlight Network Plastikeep Project .(Website)

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