Four Killed in Mexico Oil Rig Fire

By – Nazina Belle

Oil rig fire Gulf of Mexico


Four people were killed and 16 injured as a result of an oil blaze in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of the States of Campeche and Tabasco. The ball of fire engulfed the rig, causing approximately 300 staff on the rig at the time to jump into the sea, they were eventually evacuated by helicopter to nearby city of Ciudad del Carmen.

Map of area potentially affected by oil rig fire


The state-owned oil company that runs the rig Pemex said that there was presently no evidence of a major oil spill as yet. Workers stated that they fear for their life and jumped into the sea out of desperation and panic and video footage that went viral showed enormous flames licking around the rig and lighting up the sky, if this is not addressed timely can result in the death of fish and birds and further affect marine life. The fire originated in the rig’s dehydration and pumping area.

Official spokesman of Pemex claimed that the affected platform produced about 40,000 barrels of oil per day, investigations showed that over the past couple if years this state owned company has been marred with a series of accidents that resulted in the death of 37 people in 2013 and 26 people killed in a fire of its natural gas facilities in 2012.

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