Global Warming – Will it destroy us.


Across the world several campaigns have ensued to urge the growing population of people in rich countries to be a little more image


conscious about their consumption levels, through increase education efforts are now being made worldwide to reduce our individual impact to precious planet Earth.

Human impacted climate has changed everything and while our globalized world continues to rapidly expand, due mostly to our fault especially since as our incomes increase we no longer have an appetite for home grown or made products, opting for more superior foreign goods and services, or at least so we think its superior, nevertheless  there is now a growing awareness that the gases we emit both directly and indirectly during our everyday, human activities have the potential to adversely affect the environment and irreversible alter and change the climate of this planet we call home.

Global Warming 3533


There is never enough space and time to discuss greenhouse gases  Carbon Dioxide (CO2) released into the atmosphere as result of burning fossil fuel and Methane released through farming and industrial processes ( for an in-dept discussion of Carbon Dioxide and Methane refer to previous post on Greenhouse Effect). Now the frequent mention if these two important greenhouse gases, should illustrate to you by now its significance. “Education and awareness is the only true method to stop us from destroying our self”. While CO2 help to maintain the Earth’s temperature, it is the primary greenhouse gas emitted through human activities resulting in global warming and ultimately changing the climate adversely affecting the overall health and wellbeing of living things on this planet, the carbon overload is caused by burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas to create electricity, power vehicles and machines or heating buildings.

Sunlight over ice floes.


Serious impacts of climate change have already been observed around the world in 2000 the World Health Organization stated that more than 15,000 people died as a result of direct and indirect climate change impacts such as the widening reach of malaria and dengue fever, increasing drought and flooding along with rapidly increasing heat waves and hurricanes. These new developments and the rapidly increasing greenhouse gas being emitted is a bit scary. Science Journal Nature, 2004 claims that based on climate change predictions 15-37% of the world’s plants and animals species will be extinct by 2050. This should alarm all of us both vegetarians and meat eaters for a number of scientific reasons, not just because they provide food.  It is also stated that increasing ocean temperatures and melting polar ice caps would rise sea levels by as much as a meter which would cause flash flooding in low lying regions causing land loss and storm surge which would eventually displace billions of people around the world from the destruction caused to the cities, towns and countries.

CLimate protest


While we continue to work hard towards bringing awareness by lobbying our governments to bring this global issue to the forefront of all national and global agendas, we must first take an in-dept look at our own actions and ability to change our outputs and contributions by curbing our individual consumption by reducing, reusing and recycling.


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